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FANMIX + PICSPAM: leslie & ben [parks and recreation]

June 8, 2011 | 08:45 am
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posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

if this ain't love then what is?
a Ben/Leslie mix, from Leslie's point of view
contains spoilers

Inspired by the Government Shutdown discussion about Leslie's feelings for Ben on leslie_ben, so here's my contribution to the discussion.

This mix is Leslie's POV, with all-female vocalists, because I can and it just came out that way. Leslie's feelings towards Ben are, to me, a bit complicated, and it's hard to pinpoint exactly when she went from 'I think you're a jerk' to 'I want to make out with him. On his face' (though, to be fair, those two things are not always mutually exclusive). I did make the all-important executive decision on that, though, as you will see. Anyways, here's my take on it.

The mix is split in three columns: the first, the songs themselves, the second, a picpsam (wooo!) of some moments that are evoked in the song and the third, some blathering on about the songs and Ben and Leslie and feeeelings. Feel free to ignore any or all of the columns.

(Best viewed in the default LJ-style, because the table is pretty wide, so head's up.)

i'm going to make out with him. on his faceCollapse )

♥ Comments would be lovely, thank you!
♥ Also, pro-tip: don't use a table to layout a fanmix if you haven't created tables in a very, very long time. So many headaches!

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picspam! the year in review - top 11 artists of 2010

December 18, 2010 | 07:01 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Feist - Sea Lion Woman | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

For the picspammy challenge: Year-End List. So, here are my top 10 11 most-played artists this year, according to my last.fm (as of Dec 18 2010). So much fun, I swear - and with goodies!

fun facts:
24526 total songs
▪ an average of 2229 songs per artist
3 Canadians
3 Brits


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PICSPAM! harry & ron & hermione: don't worry, be harry [harry potter and the philosopher's stone]

November 21, 2010 | 01:13 pm
music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

For picspammy's 24th challenge, Emotions.Basically, anything and everything that fits in the LiveJournal mood tree under 'happy' (amused, cheerful, chipper, ecstatic, excited, good, grateful, impressed, jubilant, loved, optimistic, hopeful, pleased, satisfied, content, giddy, giggly, mischievous, thankful, touched).

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picspam: 11/amy [505 flesh and stone]

May 3, 2010 | 11:59 pm
music: Switchfoot - Stars | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

*blows dust of this comm*

There. That's better. Not like it's been nigh on a year since I posted an entry here. Oh, dear.


Doctor Who!

Now, I should preface by saying that I've never shipped Doctor/Companion before. Not consciously, really, it just never happened.

But then 11/Amy happened. Then Matt/Karen happened. Hoooo boy. From the apple scene in The Eleventh Hour, I have done nothing but ship them.

So I picspammed. Which is the understatement of the year.

And a bonus apple scene minispamCollapse )

Comments would be lovely; please don't repost as your own. ♥

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FANMIX! harry potter: the answer's got to be love [ep]

June 13, 2009 | 11:40 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

Just something I've been working on for, oh, two years now? No, not really, but the idea has always been in the back of my head, in various incarnations. In my head, there's an order to these songs, as they relate to what happens in Deathly Hallows but I'm not too strict about it (like I even could be) and even then, it's not DH-specific, just my-life-as-Harry-Potter-general.


all that you suffer is all that you areCollapse )

Enjoy! And comments are love. ♥

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picspam - glee v. election - back in high school

May 30, 2009 | 03:16 pm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

How awesome is the new show Glee? So awesome, right? Right. But watching it, I couldn't help noticing a few similarities between it and Election - you know, that Matthew Broderick/Reese Witherspoon movie that is in no way about a Glee club? Yeah, that one.

Yeah, alright, there are some glaring differences. The whole tone, for one thing - Glee is about, well, opening yourself up to joy. There's drama, but the whole point of the show is to be happy, gleeful, empowering, fun and enthusiastic. Election is the opposite. The high school experience is degraded, becomes corrupt and licentious - as bad as the world outside high school, in fact..

Also, a warning: this post contains spoilers for Glee 1.01 Pilot - and I'm using the unaired, screener pilot. I haven't seen the aired one, and even though I hear 'not much' was cut out, you can never be too sure. There are no spoilers for any promos; I'm sticking to what we see in the pilot only. There are also spoilers for Election, but seeing as how the movie is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, I'm not too worried about people being spoiled.

That being said, I don't do storytelling. I'm assuming you're familiar with both works (see the summary/review for a refresher on Election) so that I don't have to say, 'In this scene, Jim McAllister blah blah blah.' Nothing is completely out of context, but I don't rehash details of the plot (mostly). I'm more concerned with characters.

ENOUGHT TALKING, LET'S PICSPAM SHALL WE? WARNING: IMAGE-HEAVY, DIAL-UP USERS BEWARE (but you knew that already). There'a also some words, and a picture that is NSFW.

for picspammy's 10th challenge, compare & contrast

by it's very definition, glee is about opening yourself up to joyCollapse )

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? You know what to do.

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35 icons: the office [5x26 company picnic]

May 15, 2009 | 02:15 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Regina Spektor - Buildings | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

For all intents and purposes, please assume that these icons have spoilers in them - I kind of went crazy with a particular scene, hehe.

+ 35Collapse )

Please comment and credit if/when you use them, thank you! ♥

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twenty second plus one - harry/ron - pg

January 29, 2009 | 05:13 pm
music: All Girl Summer Fun Band - Trajectory | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

Title: Twenty Seconds Plus One
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Words: 422
Notes: Reposted here for tailoredshirt and the good people who are - hopefully! - following her link on crack_broom. This fic is five years old, ie, ancient in terms of Harry Potter canon. But if you can keep in mind that it was written in 2004, you might still enjoy it. :D

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50 icons: various

October 22, 2008 | 10:40 am
mood: creativecreative
music: Snow Patrol - Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands | Powered by Last.fm
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin

+ 15Collapse )

+ 10Collapse )

+ 5Collapse )

+ 20Collapse )

please comment and credit, thank you! ♥

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40 icons: the office 5x01 weight loss

September 28, 2008 | 10:20 am
mood: creativecreative
posted by: certifieddork in cuz_itsa_sin


x 40Collapse )

Please comment and credit. Feedback is love. ♥

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